Wednesday, March 18, 2009


after all this time, we have a CAST AND CREW screening. It's going to be on the 14th April at 6.15pm at the Soho hotel. It's taken for ever to arrange because quite simply we had no money left and screening rooms are expensive, but now it's finally going to happen. It'll be great to see everybody again, but the best thing about it happening on that date is that the 14th April is the day we started filming, so it will be exactly a year.

Now if one of the distributors could just hurry up and buy the film that would make everything just dandy, but it seems getting a quick decision from a distributor in this economic climate is a near impossibility, so we'll have to just sit and wait. We've got quite good at that.


Blogger stu said...

ooh, does that mean we can come?

12:27 pm  
Anonymous giles said...

Send simon an email at his carson address.

10:37 am  
Blogger illustrativo said...

where will be this film shown in the near future?

8:34 am  

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