Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UK Release for 1234 announced!

Drum roll please... 1234 will be in cinemas from tomorrow!

Appropriately enough for a film about a band, 1234 is going to touring around the UK from Wednesday 24th February. It is part of new project New British Cinema Quarterly, which takes the most original and distinctive British films from the festival circuit and brings them to the UK's flagship independent cinemas.

As a special bonus for audiences, each screening will be accompanied by a Q&A from either the cast or the filmmakers.

Kicking off as part of Glasgow Film Festival tomorrow night, the tour is already booked into venues around the country. Here are the full dates:

Glasgow Film Theatre - Wednesday 24th February
Edinburgh Filmhouse - Thursday 25th February
Leeds Hyde Park - Sunday 7th March
Renoir London - Tuesday 9th March
Nottingham Broadway - Wednesday 10th March
Derby QUAD - Wednesday 10th March (yep, two in one night!)
Sheffield Showroom - Thursday 11th March
Bristol Watershed - Sunday 14th March
Chapter Cardiff - Monday 15th March
Norwich Cinema City - Tuesday 16th March
Oxford Phoenix - Monday 22nd March
Cambridge Arts Picturehouse - Tuesday 23rd March
Newcastle Tyneside - Monday 29th March



Blogger Kearney Clan said...

Whoop,whoop...Fantastic news.

10:25 am  
Blogger David said...

And a four-star review in Empire!!! Get in, well done team;-)

7:36 pm  
Blogger Clint Iguana said...

Just thought i should drop by and let you know i have put a review of this movie on me website.

keep on keeping on


8:41 am  
Blogger Peter D said...

I watched this last night, I had it on my amazon wishlist for a while and my wife paid attention and bought it.
Really enjoyed it, lot of reference points we got and the music was excellent. Overall a good film, look forward to seeing more from you.

9:07 am  

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