Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes, ANOTHER screening

We had the cast and crew screening on Tuesday which was great fun, though slightly odd as right after the film finished we had to run over the road and watch the Chelsea / Liverpool game, which was so painful I couldn't bring myself to watch much of. But that aside it was great to see everyone again. It seems really odd that it was exactly one year after we started, in one way it felt longer, but in another way it only seems like last month.

And now we're getting ready for another screening. We're showing in Sheffield as part of the Sensoria festival on Monday 27th at 6pm, after which, oh joy, Simon and I have to do a Q & A. Watching the film with an audience is a uniquely painful experience (it just becomes a list of little things I'd do differently) but that's nothing compared to the horror at having to stand on stage and talk about it. Last week there was an interview I did running on Shorts TV, and having seen that I now know what the Q & A will look like as well as sound like, and I don't like. But there's no getting out of it, so I may as well just get drunk and do it.

Meanwhile everything has pretty much been signed for our middle east release, and we're still waiting on news for the UK. We'll get there in the end, but my god it takes a long time. I never really believed people when they said making the film was only half the job, but now I do. In the meantime Simon and I are both signing up for new projects, but I'm not going to mention those until the ink has dried on the contracts as otherwise it's bad ju-ju and it will all fall apart.

So if you're near Sheffield a week on Monday, come on down to the screening, but probably best to leave before the Q & A starts, it'll just be two drunk men rambling on and no one wants to see that.


Anonymous CJ said...

Any chance of a Bristol screening? I'm thinking The Watershed...

12:07 pm  
Anonymous giles said...

Interestingly we've just been put in touch with some people about the possibility of screening it at a number of regional cinemas, so watch this space (or at least the increasingly infrequent posts) and fingers crossed we'll have some news soon about more screenings round the country.

1:49 pm  

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