Monday, April 21, 2008

Day six

And it's a long one. The two largest scenes and a couple of small ones, only possible because we're filming in the dressing room at the Luminaire which is about ten foot square so we don't have that many options.

It's quite an emotional scene for Lyndsey so we start off with her close up so we can get the reaction as fresh as possible, then into wides and two shots. Even so we take a late lunch without finishing the first scene. Pick up the pace after lunch and somehow manage to finish all that days scenes, but in the process we've really broken Mike. He's been struggling with flu all week and nearly didn't make it in today, so while we filmed the production office was busy moving the schedule ro9und to give us a day off tomorrow to enable Mike to rest.

Fingers crossed one day does him enough, having to claim on insurance for another day will start to get complicated. On the plus side we have a band lined up to appear in the scene on wednesday, the excellently named Betty and the werewolves. Can't wait.


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