Monday, May 02, 2005

48 hours to go

Still no kit and now the location has fallen through. When I say now I don't mean ten a.m., when the man said he would ring, I mean three o'clock this afternoon. I have no choice but to take a train over to Greenford and look for another place. Go to Brian Cox Estate Agents. They seem interested, show me a couple of housses that are OK, then one that is just right. They ring the landlord and he says yes. We have a location again.

On the way back Richie from VMI rings and says he may have a kit to rent, a 750 not a 900, but it's true High Def so that's fine. He'll let me know later.

In the meantime, just in case, I look at the figures for a 16mm shoot. Guess what, no one has a 16mm kit either. It appears that everyone in London has decided to shoot a film this weekend, the unthinking bastards. Get a quote to shoot on DSR instead. Mike Eley likes DSR for the look, but I know I will always look at the film and think how good it would have looked on HD.

Call VMI when I get back and find out Richie has had to go home for personal reasons and no one else knows anything about this kit. Things not looking good. I believe this is the way to get an ulcer. Go to meet Kieran who has a selection of clothes to wear, and thank God they look great. Very much fancy drinking myself unconcious, but decide it may be unwise.


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