Thursday, January 17, 2008


Good news form the world of high finance, we've secured some investment form the meeting we had last week. This puts us at about 60% raised, and with about another 30K still considering investing. Plus someone else has come forward with another possible source for a mojor chunk. With any luck with should be well over 75% soon, at which point we can properly move into pre production. This will mean I can leave work, and Sue can start casting proper.

Had a meeting with Location Manager extraordinairre Jethro, friend of Nick Burton (who is writing the music). I arrived with some scribbled notes about the locations, he arrived with a detailed breakdown and a collection of photos for suggestions and general moods, all of which were excellent. He's a big music fan, and it really shows as he right away got the look we need for all the locations. Very pleased to have him on board.

Well, will be pleased to have him on board in ten days time when he gets back from filming the African cup of nations, which he has somehow landed himself some work on, the jammy bastard.


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