Thursday, June 23, 2005

First cut

Last week kearney managed to pull in a favour and get the rushes transferred to Beta, so this week we've been cutting. Bit of a rush to get a rough cut done as the deadline for Venice and Bristol is upon us, and they're vcery kindly waiting a copy of the film.

Kev and I start cutting on Tuesday. Very slow as it's a mac not pc, and the whole reversing thing takes a bit of getting used to. Plus the avid won't reverse sound so we're cutting mute.

He does the next day too and gets all the shots in. It's looking good but hard to tell mute.

Kearney and I then go in the next night after work and do another cut, just dropping a couple of shots really as Kev has done such a good job. We then chequer board the audio so that Felix can take it into pro tools and reverse it.

Meanwhile in the online suite (we're doing a beta online for rough cut purposes) Craig says it will take an hour. This of course means that the machine plays up and deletes a load of media, and then takes in random shots from the EDL just for a laugh. So we start again, re-digitising everything at 1:1. Eventually, at half two in the morning, we have the film, reversed, and lay Felix's audio mix down. It all seems to work just fine. The scene with the room smashing is a hundred times more powerful with the sound, as is the finding of the baby scene. For a rough cut I'm very happy. We can now send this off as a work in progress to some of the festivals, while we live with it and thing about what to do for the next cut.

And then we can work out how we're going to get the HD online done. And the print. Hah.