Monday, November 06, 2006


OK, some of the drafts have only had minor changes, but some have been quite severe, so draft 12 doesn't sound too unrealistic. Finally things seem to be getting into shape. A new speech outside the party from Stevie makes it more obvious why Billy would agree to join the band, ending the restaurant scene with Stevie asking Gemma out for a drink and getting knocked back make the scenes that follow seem more rational. Little things, small changes, but it's all becoming that much clearer.

Still need something bigger for them to row about in the third rehearsal scene, and want to have a scene early on where we see another more uncertain side to Gemma so that it gives another reason for Stevie to become attracted to her. Of course, when these scenes are added they will no doubt wack the script completely out of shape leading to yet more rewrites and it's eventual transformation into a ninja musical.

Budget meeting on Friday. Hack away at what we can afford to pay people (yes, sorry about that whoever ends up doing 1st AD on the film), and so manage to bring budget down. This includes our office overhead (which is also our contingency. Which is also paying me and Simon our pittance).

So with script getting closer and budget taking shape it's time to do two things. First, start thinking more clearly about cast and second start putting together our proposal for investors. and third, because there's always three and not two, make enquiries about getting someone big on the soundtrack. Ideally I'd like to get a Belle and Sebastian song. I know they're interested in film, they did a great soundtrack to Storytelling, which Todd Solondz hardly used. I have one of their songs in mind for the end credits, though it would be great to get another unreleased track as well. Now I need to persuade them that I really do want them and it's not jusbecausese they're a name band. So time to start calling in favours and getting people I know who know them to mention the film.

Anticipate reply from B&S saying they're only interested in working on Ninja musicals from now on.