Thursday, September 06, 2007

Get that budget down

Still waiting for a line producer to be appointed. On the one hand they're excellent as they will think of things you may have missed in yuor budget, on the other hand they are sometimes less creative in corner cutting than you may be and so your budget looks too high, but at least we will have somehting a little firmer.

With that in mind we're now looking at a picture lock budget which will make us officially low budget. Peronsally I think we can get this down another 50K, but don't want to do anything until the LP has gone through it.

Meanwhile we've sent scripts and business plans out to a number of people, but now the real search for contacts comes in. All those people who mentioned in passing that they know high wealth individuals have to be contacted and their sources tracked down. Think there's going to be a lot of 'you don't know me but' emails going out in the near future.

Beginning of next week should also see cast lists from Sue Jones, and hopefully a script breakdown from Ellin Stein, both of which I can't wait to see. With that in mind I've got a copy of Final draft and am now laboriously re-typing the script into FD, partly to get a proper page count, but also because it gives me something to do. Trying not to change too much while I do it until I've spoken to Ellin isn't so easy though.

Everything will seem much brighter once we've got the first of our monies in. Fingers crossed that's soon.