Friday, December 08, 2006

Huevos rotos con jamon iberico

Alcala de henares film festival on the outskirts of Madrid. For some reason I decided to take a sleeper train from Paris here. Twelve hours in a small airless compartment with two Spaniards and a Frenchman who looks like Obelisk and says nothing for the whole journey. That's absolutely NOTHING. Most odd. Get to the festival too late to see the screening of Home, but apparently it went well. When people ask which my film was I just say 'the backwards one', and they nod and go ahhhh, which I assume is good.

Meet up with three irish film makers, so much drinking naturally ensues, followed by a trip to the bar for the Huevos rotos, , which is basically a small wok in which chips are fried, into which a couple of eggs are mixed and some Spanish air cured ham. It's simple, brilliant, cheap and just what is required after drinking. Am woken early next morning by what I assume is drilling, but what turns out to be storks nesting in the next door church. Most bizarre. Off for more beer and Huevos rotos.

Saw some very good Spanish films, though a few were puzzling due to the lack of subtitles. Best was the story of a nine year old fat reserve goalkeeper who never gets a game becuase he's rubbish. In cliche central he finally gets a game for the cup final replacing the other keeper who is injured, and just in time to face a penalty. But instead of pulling off a save (and the cliche), as the kid runs up to take the penalty the fat kid gives the coach the finger and walks off, leaving the opponent to score into an empty net. Lovely film, well shot, great acting.

1234 is again out with Rob Pursey to look over this draft. I'm hoping he'll say it makes sense now, in which case I can start on a dialgue polish, which will then be followed by sending it out to talent. Have told Mike Eley I have a project he'd be perfect for, but haven't told him the budget yet. Will have to hope the script works for him as he is indeed ideal, with the script requiring hand held for the rehearsal scenes and beautifully framed lock offs for the flashbacks it needs someone with talent, but more importantly it needs someone who knows the indie scene (as Mike does) as we can't afford to be trying to make everything look and feel authentic only to find the DP is trying to shoot it like an advert. So if you're reading this Mike, that's why you have to do the film.