Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another screening

1234 screened this afternoon as part of the London popfest, and it was a slightly less painful experience than the LFF screening. It was less painful in that this wasn't the first time I'd had to watch it with an audience, but painful none the less as all I did was look at every shot and think why didn't I do this or that (apart from the balcony scene which I'm happy with). This doesn't mean I'm not happy with what's on screen, I still am, but there's this weird feeling that a film is never finished and what's on screen is just a work in progress, and that if you just gave me some more time and money there's a few tweaks I'd like to make. I know that's never going to happen, and in fact i hope it never does as it would drive me insane.

Meanwhile we've got another screening, and it's up north this time. We've been asked to screen at the Sensoria festival in Sheffield, which is a festival of music and film, 24th - 30th April, and we happily said yes, so book your tickets now. Or whenever they go on sale.

Then this evening we went to the Buffalo bar for more London Popfest, including the always lovely Betty and the werewolves (though I was late and missed almost their entire set), the fantastic Zipper (I think) from Spain (I think again), and finally an amazing set from Rob and Amelia's (pictured in earlier days) new version of Tender Trap, who were amazing in a Motown / Phil Spector / stand up drumming type way. I wasn't sure what they'd be like as it's many years since I've seen them, but it was without doubt one of the best gigs I've seen by them in any of their many guises. If only they'd done this a year ago we could have had them in 1234, and all the better it would have been for it.

I guess I'll have to add an indie club scene to my new script. God knows how, but I'm sure we can find a way.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes I know it's been ages

But that's because there hasn't been a lot to report. Our sales agent explained that a film either sells right away (a rarity) or it takes ages, and guess which basket we're in. There are a number of companies interested in UK distribution for 1234, but we're just going to have to sit by while their cogs slowly turn and a deal is signed.

In the meantime, though, we're again applying to festivals, and even better, have an upcoming screening of 1234. We're showing at part of the excellent London Popfest. Here's their press release:

As part of our four day London Popfest (Thursday 26th February to Sunday 1st March) we have an afternoon of indiepop related film programming lined up at The Roxy Bar & Screen in Borough. The screening is free and open to all, not just to London Popfest season ticket holders. We're very excited to have only the second ever showing of "Slamptumentary", a documentary on the Newcastle-based DIY and Riot Grrrl label Slampt, and, as our main feature, the hotly-tipped British indie feature film "1234" fresh from its success at last year's London Film Festival and featuring, in Comet Gain and Betty & The Werewolves, two of the bands playing the popfest.

It's the afternoon of Friday 27th of feb. The Roxy is just down the road from London bridge tube station so if you're about, come on down. With any luck we'll get a few more things like this sorted out for screenings round the UK (not too many or no one will buy the film, but just enough to show their is an audience for this kind of indie malarky). More info from . We're very pleased to be showing as popfest is exactly the kind of thing we made 1234 for.

Finally have to have a quick mention for Shrag, who I've been to see twice now, and who are absolutely fantastic. I went to see the always excellent Betty and the Werewolves and Shrag were on the same bill and I loved them, so if they're playing near you go and see them.