Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Four stars

I'm currently in Newcastle shooting a new film, flutter, with Joe Anderson (and a host of others including Laura Fraser and Billy Zane - get me) but on Sunday I have a day off and am travelling to Leeds to do a Q and A at a screening of 1234. Much as I'm enjoying the flutter shoot it'll be great to get back to 1234 business.

After that it's back to work until the 9th march when I'm going to the London screening, then more work until the Oxford screening on the 22nd. Wish I could go to more but thankfully the cast are doing Q and A's at the others.

But best news of all has been a four star review in Empire magazine which was jolly nice of them and has put everyone in a good mood. So good in fact that I may dress like the director in the photo for the Q and A. Or I may pretend to be French, I haven't decided. Anything to deflect from the horror of having to stand on a stage talking.