Thursday, November 27, 2008

The beginning of the end of the end

Or something. A few people didn't understand the end of the film. It seemed horribly obvious to me, but the fact a handful didn't get it made us think about making the end a little more obvious.

It's a tricky thing to get right, underlining what's happening without hammering it home. So the other day we tried taking out a couple of shots so it's more obvious Stevie leaves the band. We still thought we could add an extra shot, maybe Stevie knocking at the door or something. We looked at how we could do this cheaply, but whatever it was we'd still have to find some money form somewhere. Then Simon had a good idea (at last) and looked in the rushes, and sure enough we shot a close up of Stevie's hand knocking on the door from the scene when he asks Emily out. I have no recollection of shooting this shot, but will obviously take full credit for my amazing foresight. The shot fits in fine, the ending still does what it did before but now it's a little more explicit. I watched it a good few times now, and canvassed opinion, and no one seems to think it's too much, so it looks like we'll go with that.

In the meantime no news on a UK sale, though a number of companies are interested and the Sales Agent thinks we should get one wrapped up in the new year. They've also managed to sell to another territory, with another two close to closing, so at some point in 2009 the film will appear somewhere in the world.

I've also decided that after all these years of self sufficiency it's time to get an agent so I've signed with the lovely Yasmin at AP Watt. The fact that I know she sometimes reads this blog will in no way colour the nice things I have to say about AP Watt, oh no. Not at all. Ok, maybe a bit.

Plus we have three more scripts we're working on, A Girl and a Gun (road movie in the south of France), Tender buttons (it's all set in a restaurant) and Albion (about people making an iron age roundhouse). None of these would seem to be an obvious candidate for a huge science fiction spectacular with loads of CGI and a spaceship manned entirely by bears, but I'm working on. I'll get those bears in one of the scripts if it's the last thing I do. Which it probably will be.