Monday, July 18, 2005


After rushing to get a rough cut over to Venice we heard today that they'd passed on it. It's a pisser, but to be honest I never thought we stood much of a chance with Venice anyway, just too popular. I'll be more upset if the next rung down of festivals says no. Anyway, met with Tim Oliver the composer on Saturday. He got the idea straight away, and is, I hope, off somewhere composing small bits of piano for it. This Wednesday we're off to do what I think will be the final off line edit (at least as far as picture goes). Showed it to the good people at Touchpaper TV, just to get another opinion on it, and they liked it (see Venice? See where you went wrong?), and their comments were really helpful - basically they were along the lines of this works but that could be slightly longer.

Anyway, the good thing about not getting into Venice (didn't want to anyway) is that if we had it would have been the most almighty rush to get an online, scan and print done in time. So at least we've avoided that little headache. For now.